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We begin by defining the primary goals and objectives of the website. This may include increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or providing information about a specific topic. Then we gather information about your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This helps us make informed decisions about the design, content, and overall structure of the website.

Objective Setting

Audience Personas

Competitive Analysis

Content and SEO

User Experience

Next, we look at user needs, preferences, and behaviours to help inform the website's structure, layout, and interactions. We create wireframes and prototypes to visualise and test the website's functionality and usability, ensuring that it meets user expectations and provides a seamless experience. The goal here, is to create a website that not only looks visually appealing but also addresses users' needs and preferences, ultimately leading to higher user satisfaction and engagement.

Site Mapping

Content Mapping



Visual Design

During this stage, we work on the website's overall appearance, including colour, typography, imagery, and other visual elements. We use the wireframes as a foundation, and design a website that complements the site's usability and structure. The visual design plays a crucial role in shaping the website's first impression, establishing trust and credibility, and reinforcing your brand.

Brand Development

Design and Style Guide

Responsive Website Design

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"Flowjoy have been incredible to work with. Ben has an amazing knowledge of Webflow and his design and strategic thinking helps us deliver much more value to our customers."
Alistair Wilson

Alistair Wilson



"Flowjoy developed a site that speaks confidently and clearly to everyone. It’s helped us connect our story to people from local business to Government."
George Oliver

George Oliver


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