Migrate from your current platform to Webflow CMS

From Wordpress to Squarespace, we get heavily involved and guide you through every stage of the migration process for a smooth transition.

Migration Consultation

Webflow migration begins with an analysis of your existing website to understand its unique needs and requirements. Once this has been thoroughly mapped out, we create a customised migration plan which outlines everything from Integrations and Workflows to SEO and Design. This stage is vital to ensure a smooth transition, with minimal downtime and no loss of valuable data.


Migration Strategy

Design and Development

Next, we discuss if there are any unmet design and development requirements from your current website. If there are, we work with you to enhance your current presence or if not, we use your existing website as our blueprint to build from.

Website Strategy

User Experience

UI Design / Design Systems

Webflow Development

Content and SEO

SEO is one of the most challenging and delicate aspects of any migration. Your website's content, metadata, and URL structure are meticulously migrated, preserving your search engine rankings and digital presence throughout the process.

Data Collection

Data Organising

Data Implementation

Data Testing

Post-Migration Support

Your migration to Webflow doesn't end with a successful transfer. We provide comprehensive post-migration support to ensure your website continues to run smoothly and efficiently and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Launch and Monitoring

Ongoing Support

Webflow Training

Proud to be trusted

"Flowjoy have been incredible to work with. Ben has an amazing knowledge of Webflow and his design and strategic thinking helps us deliver much more value to our customers."
Alistair Wilson

Alistair Wilson



"Flowjoy developed a site that speaks confidently and clearly to everyone. It’s helped us connect our story to people from local business to Government."
George Oliver

George Oliver


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